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This page is dedicated to the enthusiasts of electronic technology of the years from 1940 to 1980 about.
From here, you can download my books about surplus equipment and Tektronix 7000-Series oscilloscopes,
together with other free technical notes and documents.

Giovanni Gianni Becattini

Book "Tektronix oscilloscopes volume 1"


This book is dedicated to the old 7000-Series Tektronix oscilloscopes,
the dream of an entire generation of technicians and engineers,
thanks to which most of the '70, '80 and '90 electronics has been designed.

EDITION 4 January 5, 2023

Volume 1 low resolution (340MB)
Volume 1 high resolution (5GB)

Book "Tektronix oscilloscopes volume 2"


This book covers the 1986 11000-Series, the 2000-Series and some HP oscilloscopes

EDITION 2 March, 2023

Volume 2 low resolution (100MB)
Volume 2 high resolution (1.5GB)

Book "The great Hewlett-Packard"


This book covers several instruments, calculators and the HP-85 computer

DRAFT October 3.rd., 2023

Medium resolution (1.7 GB)

Book "Surplus photo-parade"


This book is dedicated to all the radio-surplus enthusiasts in the world and describes, together with many photos,
some of the most known old equipment, like receivers, transmitters and related instruments.
Enjoy yourself: it's absolutely free. Link, copy, distribute, or even sell it, if you can, but please don't modify it.

It contains photos and info about the following equipment: Wireless Set N.19, AN/ART-13 transmitter, BC-348 receiver, R-44/ARR-5 receiver,
R-45/ARR-7, R-107 receiver, R-91/ARC-2, Collins 51J receivers, R-390A/URR, R-648 / ARR-41, R-725/URR, AN/GRC-7, RT-70, RT-66, RT-67, RT-68,
AN/GRC-19, R-392/URR receiver, T-195 transmitter, Allocchio Bacchini AC-18 receiver, Racal RA17, Siemens E309, Siemens E311, G133F receiver,
Geloso G4/216, TV-7/U tube tester, LAEL 755, ZM-3/U, ZM-11/U, TS-505/U, Pantec Major, Chinaglia VTVM 1001. Hewlett Packard HP400H,
URM-191, TS-585/U, BC-221, TS-375/U, TS-497/URR

Low resolution (60M)
High resolution (600M)

Other free downloads

Story of my Siemens E311 repair
Siemens radio receiver Rel 445 E311a & b, May 1964, part 1, text (thanks to Francesco Sartorello)
Siemens radio receiver Rel 445 E311a & b, May 1964, part 2, diagrams
Siemens radio receiver Rel 445 E311e, November 1968
Repairing Tektronix 7603 power supply
Tektronix key labels template (Word)
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